Student Wellness Services

Office of Wellness Education



Reduce the high risk use of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) at Central Connecticut State University and within our community. Achieving these objectives positively impacts the mission of CCSU by:

  • Improving the health and safety of individuals within the CCSU and surrounding community.
  • Improving the retention and graduation rates of our students.
  • Improving the relationship of the university with the local community.
  • Enhancing marketing efforts of the "CCSU Experience" to prospective students.
  • Improving the university's overall academic ranking.
  • Reducing hidden operating costs related to high risk use of ATOD.
  • Reducing the university's general liability exposure related to ATOD.

The Advisory Council is specifically charged:

  • To establish a forum for collaboration, coordination and accountability among the various CCSU departments delivering programs and enforcing policies relevant to high risk use of ATOD.
  • To develop recommendations for implementing an effective, comprehensive and sustainable ATOD risk reduction and strategy for the university.
  • To review, and recommend revisions as needed to all relevant university policies.
  • To initiate appropriate research to assess the effectiveness of programs as well as guide recommendations.
  • To prepare a biennial report for the President, with recommendations, which assess the effectiveness of programs in compliance with reporting requirements of the Drug Free Schools Act.

Advisory Council on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs 2020-2021

Dr. John Tully, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs

Jean Alicandro (Residence Life)
Sgt. Jerry Erwin (CCSU Police)
Malia Hunt (Student)
Dr. Reginald Holt (Counselor Education & Family Therapy)
Molly McCarthy (Athletics)
Chelsy Cardillo (Wellness Education)
Dr. Marisol Ostrov (Health Services)
Dr. Jonathan Pohl (Wellness Education) *Facilitator
Stephanie Reis (Office of Student Rights and Responsibility)
Anna Suski-Lenczewski (Human Resources)