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The Office of Wellness Education has programs ready to share with you! Below are programs that are offered with a brief description. Presentations can be done in classrooms, residence halls or the Student Center. If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask and we should be able to help you or refer you to someone who can!

CHOICES about Alcohol: an interactive program addressing an individual's choice about a healthy and responsible lifestyle. The dangers of high risk drinking are discussed as well as information about standard drinks. Other topics include: blood alcohol concentration (BAC), binge drinking, as well as information about fines and penalties regarding underage drinking, social host law, and fake IDs. We also review the four signs of alcohol poisoning.

Stress Management

...provides a general overview of stressful situations for students, stress as a motivator, and the physical/psychological/spiritual reactions to stress including the including the fight, flight or freeze response. We provide information on managing stress, including a deep breathing technique and calming visualizations. Together, we will develop a stress management "tool box" that includes physical/psychological/spiritual ways of managing stress throughout your time at CCSU.

QPR - Question, Persuade, and Refer an interactive gatekeeper training for suicide prevention. QPR teaches students how to recognize the signs of suicide and empowers them to intervene when they are concerned about a friend or family member. It provides a timely outreach and prevention opportunity for students to connect others to support systems if needed. Those who participate in the class will know how to identify when a peer is depressed (possibly suicidal), how to engage the peer to assess for thoughts of suicide, how to persuade the peer that help is available, and finally how to refer the peer to campus resources for help. This program will take 90 minutes.

Factors of Wellness 

In this presentation, you will learn of SAMHSA's 8 factors for wellness andhow to balance physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, social, environmental, occupational and spiritual demands for improved well-being. The group will be provided with a hands-on activity that will allow them to visualize how they are uniquely situated within the wellness model. They will be provided with information about the importance of balance, as well as ideas for creating balance using resources available to them.

Eat Well, Be Well  

In this presentation, we provide students with an understanding of how healthy eating habits while help them manage a busy college/work lifestyle. Eat Well, Be Well will cover topics such as "The Freshman 15", portion control, tips for dining hall eating and vending machine choices, as well as energizing snacks on-the-go. Students will have the chance to participate in a calorie guessing game with common college food choices and be given examples for healthier options.

If you are interested in offering this program to your class please email your request to Jonathan Pohl,