Student Wellness Services

Office of Wellness Education


Concerned About Yourself?

Seek professional help

Counseling at Student Wellness Services is free and confidential. Call 860-832-1926 to set up an appointment or visit the Willard-DiLoreto Complex, 1st Floor. If it is an urgent situation, immediately come in or call 911.

You are NOT alone

There are many students struggling with feelings of hopelessness. In fact, 92% of college students feel hopelessness at some point during their academic careers. Sometimes it may feel like you are alone, but at CCSU you are NOT alone. Visit Student Wellness Services to speak to a counselor today.

Distract yourself from negative thoughts

Finding ways to distract yourself from negative thoughts and having coping skills may help. It may be an activity such as doing a craft or playing a musical instrument. It could also be taking a walk/hike, talking to a friend, spending time helping others, or just spending time at the mall.

Allow yourself some latitude

Allow yourself some latitude and focus on small achievements. Have a to-do list of no more than 6 items and complete one small task early in the day. Try to be patient and give yourself some slack.

Assess your level of depression

Counselors can assist you in assessing your level of depression and managing your emotional state. If you are feeling depressed, seek Counseling.