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The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to supporting a student-centered learning environment that encourages student development and inspires student success

We are committed to providing a campus environment that offers extensive learning opportunities outside of the classroom and one that promotes safe and healthy behaviors. Through programs, services, and activities, we assist students in their educational, personal, and social development.

Student Success Stories

Tronai Pinckney


I was a transfer student having a very difficult time adjusting to CCSU as well as life. I remember feeling the need to find a sense of hope as well as solutions to many of the issues I was facing as a student. I walked into the office of Student Affairs and it changed my life forever. It was one of the best decisions I could have done for myself academically and emotionally. They ALWAYS made me feel comfortable, they provided a solution to every obstacle I faced, and most importantly they let me know that the CCSU community was one of the best in the country. Because of their hard work and dedication, my life has changed tremendously in every way and has allowed me to flourish into the person that I am today. Because they helped me, I now want to help other scholars in the CCSU community by one day developing a scholarship fund to let them know, they are in good hands when becoming a part of the CCSU community. Thank you for all your help!!


Experiencing homelessness after coming out as transgender is not an uncommon obstacle that transgender students face; including here at CCSU. I have found community on campus, have dedicated much of my time and energy to making the campus a safer and more equitable place, and have facilitated a support group that connected other trans+ individuals on campus. Without the LGBT Center, I wouldn't have found my passion in life or had the resources to do so. Student support services are incredibly important; particularly for marginalized communities that are at risk for homelessness and financial insecurities and CCSU has been very supportive to me. The hardships I have had to deal with have been difficult, but have made me grow and also provided me an opportunity to help build bridges that provide a campus of equal opportunity to others. My experiences here at CCSU have shaped my life in many important and positive ways.