Departments within the Division of Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Division consists of numerous departments that share the common goal of providing services, programs, and opportunities for our students to grow, develop, and fully engage in campus life. Developing as a person at CCSU not only encompasses your academic growth, but also your social and emotional development. CCSU prepares you for the future, while you live, learn, and engage within the campus community.

We want you to succeed! Your faculty will help you with your academics, research, internships and other opportunities, while the departments within the Division of Student Affairs provide support and offer numerous resources for students. Student Affairs has much to offer to help you to be successful! The Departments within the Division of Student Affairs provide so much support, and offer numerous resources for students. We are Central to your education!

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs: assists students in resolving a variety of personal, medical, and other issues that may affect their academic performance and daily life on campus. We also assist with absence notices for documented absences of five consecutive days or more.

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. John Tully, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Ramón Hernández, Associate Dean

Student Affairs is committed to providing a safe and healthy campus environment for students to enhance their ability to fully engage with the total educational experience at CCSU. Many co-curricular learning opportunities, programs, services, and activities are offered to assist students in their personal and social development.

The Office of the Vice President provides leadership to the departments within the Division, serves as a resource for questions regarding University policies and procedures, and makes referrals to other offices for more information or problem resolution. We assist students in resolving a variety of personal, medical, and other issues that may affect their academic performance and daily life on campus. Also, we handle absence notices for students who have appropriate documentation and work with Student Disability Services to facilitate medical absences and accommodations.

 In collaboration with the Learning Center, Student Affairs is actively involved with the Early Alert, formerly known as Early Academic Warning, program, the goal of which is to intervene with students who have poor grades, attendance issues, or personal issues that may be affecting their academic progress. Poor academic performance and/or attendance issues are often symptomatic of other problems students may have. If we can meet with, and help students before the first exam of the semester, they have a better chance of achieving academic success.

Office Location: Davidson Hall, Room 103
Phone Number: (860) 832-1601

Campus Recreation: offers fitness and wellness activities for students.

Campus Recreation

Scott Kazar, Coordinator of Campus Recreation & Fitness

Campus Recreation, also known as RECentral provides creative and innovative wellness and recreational programming to meet the diverse needs of students and the CCSU community. The department is committed to offering a varying range of fitness and wellness opportunities to the CCSU community, which will allow opportunities for an enhanced and healthier lifestyle, and providing an environment where students can experience an advance their character development, teamwork skills, and grow as professionals.

If you have questions please feel free to contact the Welcome Desk at (860) 832-3734.

For more information, please see Campus Recreation.

We are looking forward to seeing you stay active with us!

Student Activities and Leadership Development

Student Activities and Leadership Development

Dr. Scott Hazan, Director

Student Activities & Leadership Development (SA/LD) provides opportunities for learning and engagement to foster students' personal growth and strength of character. Through training, mentorship, and involvement in co-curricular activities, students develop a sense of civic responsibility, an appreciation for community involvement, and a respect for diversity.


  • Advises and trains student organizations
  • Guides students in coordinating, organizing, and supervising student-sponsored events
  • Facilitates leadership development workshops
  • Provides extensive opportunities for student leadership roles
  • Offers recreation and wellness activities
  • Supports our diverse student body and much more!

Office Location: Student Center, Room 201
Phone Number: (860) 832-1990

For more information about the Student Activities/Leadership Development Department, please click the link below:

Student Activities & Leadership Development

Student Center: the “hub” of campus, has many meeting rooms, a food court, bookstore, student mailboxes, and Breakers Game Room for fun and tournaments. Esports, managed by Student Center staff is located in Memorial Hall.

Student Center

Ms. Katherine Poirier, Director of the Student Center

The Student Center provides services, facilities, and equipment to support programs that enhance the vitality of the campus community. Student Center Operations manages the campus-wide calendar for all campus events, activities, conferences, workshops, and banquets through the Central Reservations Office. Many student organization offices are located in the Student Center, which also houses a food court, the campus bookstore, the campus Blue Chip Card Office, as well as several meeting rooms, including the Bellin Gallery and Alumni Hall. All residential students can utilize their own postal box through the student mailroom in the Student Center.

Housed in the Student Center are Student Activities and Leadership Development offices, the Women’s Center, the LGBT Center, and the radio station. There are many lounges, nooks, and cozy spots throughout the Student Center to relax and/or meet up with friends, classmates, and faculty over coffee. The Breakers Game Room offers tournament billiard tables, electronic amusements, board games, and sports television. The Centix Box Office offers tickets to CCSU events, with the exception of Athletic events. Staff at the Information Desk in the main lobby will assist you with questions you may have about the campus.

Student Center Office: (860) 832-1960                         Information Desk: (860) 832-1970
Central Reservations: (860) 832-1964                          Centix Box Office: (860) 832-1989

Should you have any questions about the building, upcoming events, or if you need any general information about CCSU, please feel free to stop by the Information Services Desk, located in the main lobby, or click the link below:

Student Center

Student Rights and Responsibilities: assists with the development of a healthy campus community, built on personal responsibility and good citizenship.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Ms. Stephanie Reis, Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities educates students and protects the rights, health, and safety of all members of the CCSU community. We strive to empower students to make healthy decisions and encourage each community member to incorporate acceptable behavior into a lasting code of ethical conduct in their lives. We aim to assist the development of a healthy campus community, built on personal responsibility and good citizenship.

Office Location: Willard-DiLoreto Hall, Room W 105
Phone Number: (860) 832-1667

To learn more about the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and to review the Student Code of Conduct, please click the link below:

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Disability Services (SDS): provides academic accommodations to eligible students.

Student Disability Services

Ms. Surbhi Patel, Director

Student Disability Services (SDS) provides services and supports that promote educational equity for students with disabilities. Assistance includes arranging reasonable accommodations and auxiliary aids that are necessary for students with disabilities to pursue their academic studies, both in and outside of the classroom. Students with verifiable disabilities, visible or hidden, qualify for services. All students must provide documentation of their disability that includes, but is not limited to, caring for oneself, standing, lifting, bending, speaking, breathing, eating, sleeping, walking, standing, performing manual tasks, learning, reading, concentrating, thinking, communicating and working.  In addition, students can learn advocacy skills and how to negotiate campus life independently, develop compensatory skills, and become knowledgeable about adaptive technology and other on-and off-campus resources.

SDS provides students, faculty, and staff with assistance and information on issues of access and fosters opportunities for students to participate in a barrier-free learning environment at CCSU as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. For additional information regarding Student Disability Services, please visit:

Office Location: Willard-DiLoreto Hall, Room W 201
Phone Numbers: (860) 832-1957 or (860) 832-1952

To learn more about the Office of Student Disability Services, please click the link below:

Student Disability Services (SDS)

Student Wellness Services - Counseling & Student Development: offers individual and group counseling to students, free of charge.

Student Wellness Services-Counseling & Student Development

Dr. Michael Russo, Psy.D., Director of Counseling & Student Development

Student Wellness Center (SWC) - Counseling supports the academic success of students by assisting them in resolving mental health concerns and other personal difficulties and by offering services and programs intended to foster the development of resilience, grit, and empowerment.

SWC - Counseling is staffed by licensed master’s and doctoral level clinicians with experience in college student mental health. We work with students experiencing depression; anxiety; alcohol and substance abuse concerns; relationship difficulties; grief and loss; difficulties with adjusting to college life; gender identity and sexuality concerns; and many other types of personal challenges.

We offer a variety of personal counseling services, support groups, and alcohol and other drug treatment and prevention services to enrolled full- and part-time students. Services are free and confidential.  Psychoeducational programming services are offered to CCSU faculty and staff.

Students may schedule an appointment by calling (860) 832-1926 or by visiting Willard-DiLoreto Hall, Room W101. Urgent appointments for students in the midst of a serious crisis are scheduled on a same day basis.


If a student is on-campus and is feeling homicidal or suicidal, and will not or cannot make it to the Counseling Center:          

  • Please call University Police at (860) 832-2375 for assistance.
  • If a student is on-campus and is feeling homicidal or suicidal, and it is after 5:00 pm on a weeknight, any time during the weekend, or during a semester break, please call University Police at (860) 832-2375 for assistance.
  • If a student is off-campus and is feeling suicidal or homicidal, please call 911 for assistance.
  • Wheeler Clinic maintains a 24-hour Helpline for providing crisis intervention, support, and referral services to adults in the greater Hartford area. They can be reached at (860) 747-3434

Office Location: Willard-DiLoreto , W101
For Appointments: (860) 832-1926
For General Inquiries: (860) 832-1925

Click to learn more about the Student Wellness Center - Counseling Center and their role at CCSU.

Student Wellness Center-Counseling Center

Student Wellness Center - Health Services: offers routine medical care, as well as emergency care during office hours, free of charge. Emergency care, after hours, should be referred to an emergency care facility.

Student Wellness Services-Health Services

Dr. Amber Cheema, MD – Director of Student Health Services

Student Wellness Center (SWC) – Student Health Services provides routine medical care to all students by appointment. Our medical providers assist students with any acute or emergency issue that may arise during their educational journey. Medical problems are diagnosed and treated in our office by board-certified medical physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses. SWC – Student Health uses a referral network of local specialists and hospitals for more complex or serious medical issues.

Some of the services provided include flu shots, urine screenings, conceptive counseling, and tuberculosis testing. There is no charge to be seen by a provider, although some in-house tests, immunizations, treatments, and prescription medications may require a small fee, which is billed to a student's Bursar account. SWC – Student Health does not bill insurance companies or other third-party payers.

SWC – Student Health is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. After these hours, if a student has a non-emergent medical problem, we recommend that they first contact their primary care provider's office. In addition, many insurance companies now offer 24-hour nurse advice lines and students are encouraged to take advantage of that service. There are also two nearby emergency rooms and several urgent care centers in the vicinity.

All visits made to SWC – Student Health are strictly confidential. Medical records or information will not be released without a student-signed consent. This policy applies to parents and faculty.

Office Location: Willard-DiLoreto, W101
For Appointments: (860) 832-1926
For General Inquiries: (860) 832-1925

Click to learn more about the Student Wellness Center – Student Health Services and their role at CCSU.

Student Wellness Center – Student Health Services


Veterans Affairs: VA Educational Benefits are available to veterans, guardsmen, reservists, and dependents. Please call or drop in to the Office of Veterans Affairs so that the staff can assist to provide you with the benefits that you deserve.

Veterans Affairs

Mr. Chris Gutierrez, Veterans Affairs Coordinator

Veterans Affairs assists veterans, members of the National Guard, and reservists in taking full advantage of the educational benefits available to them through the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) and other programs. We provide assistance to incoming student veterans on applying for admission to CCSU and in transitioning from active military duty to CCSU, or from CCSU to active military duty. Student veterans are offered guidance about campus resources such as tutoring, counseling, and early registration.

The office is co-located with the Veterans Drop-In Center where veterans, dependents, and military students may study, network, utilize computers, have lunch, share conversations, and participate in the Veteran Student Organization (VSO) activities.

Office Location: Willard-DiLoreto, Room D 201
Phone Number: (860) 832-AVET (2838) or (860) 832-1869

To learn more about the Office of Veterans Affairs and their role at CCSU, please click the following link:

Veterans Affairs

Campus Faith Consultants: offers guidance, as well as a variety of social, spiritual and educational programs.

Campus Faith Consultants

Campus Faith Consultants seek to promote personal and communal growth at CCSU. Campus Consultants are available for counseling and guidance, participation in discussion, as well as a variety of social, spiritual and educational programs. The consultants and chaplains strive to foster a deeper appreciation of those traditions for the purpose of contributing to the greater unity in which all people can live in justice, peace and harmony.

Campus Faith Consultant Contacts:
Father Michael Casey (Catholic - Newman House)
Dr. Felton Best (Protestant Faith Consultant)
Rabbi Okolica (Jewish - Hillel)
    Steven Bernstein (on-campus contact)
Imam Sharief (Islam - Muslim Campus Ministry)
    Dr. Nidal Al-Masoud (on-campus contact)

To learn more about the role of Campus Faith Consultants at CCSU and to gather information about the various spiritual organizations on campus, please click the link below:

Campus Faith Consultants


Maria's Place
Visit Maria’s Food Pantry in the lower level of the Vance Academic Building. The Food Pantry is available to students, staff and faculty. Please call 860-832-1601 with any questions.

Emergency Preparedness & Response
Click here for the most up to date version of CCSU's Emergency Preparedness and Response.