Student Engagement at CCSU

A student’s involvement on campus is important to the college experience and greatly impacts student success. Education takes place, both inside and outside the classroom.
Find your place on campus through student organizations or attending events.
Upcoming events can be found by utilizing the links below.


What do CCSU students gain from campus activities which are outside of the classroom?
It is amazing:

  • how much you will grow and develop at CCSU when you:
  • join a student club or organization,
  • work in one of the many departments on campus,
  • or as an intern on-campus or off. 
  • just taking part in an event or program on campus will provide you an opportunity to meet friends and be a part of the campus community. 

You are not only:

  • engaging with other students,
  • you are working with staff and faculty;
  • and learning about yourself,
  • and others who may be different from you. 
  • you are developing communication skills that will serve you throughout your life and career, in your personal and your professional life.

You will make connections with staff and faculty at CCSU.  So whether in Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Administrative Affairs or Fiscal Affairs, you may be doing all, or some of the following:

  • communicating with various staff members to:
  • facilitate meetings,
  • lead others,
  • organize events,
  • promote and market events,
  • budget and,
  • coordinate payment for your program or event.

At times, you may feel you are running a business within CCSU! 
You will be learning so many components of a business venture,

  • while enriching other students’ lives and,
  • having fun!

The skills you learn at CCSU will:

  • carry you forward as you enter an exciting future,
  • while also enhancing your resume.

You may decide to:

  • serve in a leadership role,
  • engage and collaborate with others,
  • while you coordinate with outside vendors or agencies. 

You will:

  • learn a lot about the community and the world, and
  • the role you would like to play in it.

By taking a leadership role:

  • you will definitely learn to advocate for yourself and others, and in so doing,
  • play an important role at CCSU.

will provide the edge for you to get a much-desired job, so always look for internships within your major in your junior or senior year.  Some internships can be found within Career Development Office, others within the Student Center or in Graduate Studies, while others can be found through outside employment.  The CCSU webpages for your department or major may also provide information to help you with the internship process.

Choosing to join a club:

  • opens doors where you may learn a lot about yourself and others.
  • long-lasting relationships often form when those with similar preferences come together.
  • enjoy each other’s company and participate in activities.

Socializing with others is the main focus of interactions and relationships.

  • Learning and growing each day as you interact with others prepares you for the activities in the workplace and in the home.

Please make sure to check out the multitude of organizations and clubs available on campus through Club Central within Student Activities & Leadership Development.
Student employment may be found in any department or office on campus by submitting your resume to the office, but if you are looking for a listing of opportunities, please check out Career Development Office  by accessing Handshake, the virtual resource for students.

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