Professional Development Committee


Develop programs which support professional growth of the Administrative Faculty at Central Connecticut State University.

The Professional Development Committee is a Committee of SUOAF/AFSCME, charged by the chapter Executive Board at CCSU to foster the development and enhancement of the professional Administrative Faculty members by:

Creating professional development and development opportunities for staff;

Identifying and addressing issues and/or trends of common interest to staff members with very different areas of expertise within Administrative Faculty;

Facilitating the process of staff members' sharing of information and professional development resource material;

Providing information and programming to enhance the development of the Administrative Faculty.

Recognizing formally and informally the outstanding accomplishments and exemplary efforts of the Administrative Faculty members;

Funding opportunities for related continued education and professional growth activities.

Suggestions for professional growth activities.

Professional Development Funding Guidelines

Applying for funding - Click to download the Fund Application Form. This is a fillable form and can also be saved. You will use MS WORD to complete the form. After you have completed the form you will save it to your computer and then submit the form as an attachment to Patrick Tucker or Justine Gamache.

SOUAF Professional Development Committee Members

Nicole Ferrari, '20
Justine Gamache, '20
Jane Gardner, '20
Latanya Kennedy, '21
Laura Marchese, '20
Tina Rivera-Rowe, '21
Lauren Tafrate, '20

Lisa Bigelow, Chapter President