Sick Leave Bank

SUOAF/AFSCME has established an emergency sick leave bank to provide permanent bargaining unit members with salary benefits during periods of catastrophic or extended long-term illness. Union members are assessed a number of hours set by the contract to be donated to the emergency sick leave bank. These hours are allocated to employees meeting the appropriate conditions. Please refer to the SUOAF/AFSCME collective bargaining agreement (Article 24.2.10) to determine the process of coverage of the emergency sick leave bank and under what conditions.


The SUOAF AFSCME sick leave bank works as follows: “Members may donate vacation time to the sick leave bank for a particular member who has exceeded the 120 consecutive work day limit for an occurrence or for a member who has exceeded the 180 work day lifetime total.” (See and

Sick Leave Bank Application Form

Sick Leave Bank Representative
Lisa Bigelow