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Welcome to the Tutoring Center, where all tutoring is free!

Summer Math tutoring is available from May 31st to August 7th

The Learning Center offers free peer tutoring for Math, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Biomolecular Science, Geological Science, Astronomy, Engineering, Engineering Technology-Mechanical Manufacturing, Manufacturing Management and Construction Management. Our trained peer tutors are here to help you! Tutoring will take place virtually during the Spring 2022 semester.


Tutoring Appointments

Tutoring appointments do not need to be booked far in advance! You can book them up to five minutes before the appointment time!

To schedule a one-one one appointment with a tutor please use our Bookings page.
*Please make sure to use your CCSU email address when booking appointments.

Online Tutoring with SmartThinking

Another resource for online tutoring is SmartThinking. SmartThinking offers 24/7 online tutoring with experienced tutors in a wide variety of subjects. You can access SmartThinking by logging in to your Blackboard account and the link will be listed under “Tools” below your course list.

For the list of subjects that SmartThinking offers click here.

Click here to check out our YouTube channel for helpful tips and content videos.

If you're looking for Psychology tutoring please click here