Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)

Currently CCSU offers Army and Airforce ROTC program out of UCONN. For more information regarding the ROTC Program please contact:

Army ROTC (860) 486-6081

Airforce ROTC (860) 486-2224

Background Information

ROTC programs were designed to augment the service academies in producing leaders and managers for the armed forces. Each branch of the service has a specific set of courses and training that officers must complete prior to joining. ROTC programs allow students to do this while completing their college education. Upon graduation members are commissioned (certified) by the President of the United States to serve as a leader in active, reserve or guard components of each branch.

Financial Benefits

Each branch of the service offers ROTC scholarships to eligible students. Eligibility criteria is listed by branch below. The table below lists the the different scholarship levels.
Note: ROTC Scholarships DO NOT pay for your room and board.  


Scholarship Type



When Do I Apply

4 Year National

Full Tuition Books, Fees


Junior/Senior year of High School

2 or 3 Year Scholarships

Full Tuition Books, Fees


Freshman/Sophmore year of College

College Program



Freshman/Sophmore year of College

Unit Scholarships*

Full Tuition Books, Fees


Freshman/Sophmore year of College

 *Each commanding officer of an ROTC can select one student a year for a merit scholarship. You normally have to spend at least one semester on campus.


ROTC Scholarship Comparison Table 


Can I choose my school?

Can I choose my Major?

Mininum Test Requirements


Students that apply for Army ROTC scholarships can choose up to three schools. Scholarships are awarded based upon availability at the school of your choice. The Army does try to match the needs of the student in most cases, but the Army does have final say to which school you attend.

Yes, within limits

920 SAT/19 ACT

Navy & Marines

Naval ROTC grants the student the most flexibility in selecting schools. Students can attend any one of 67 host NROTC universities once they obtain a scholarship.

Yes, but you must complete 1 yr of calculus & 1 yr of calculus based physics

520 M 530 V SAT

22 ACT (Navy)

1000 SAT or combined 45 ACT (USMC)

Air Force

Air Force ROTC scholarships are distributed by major. You are free to choose any school as long as the school you want to attend offers AFROTC & has an approved scholarship major.

Must be approved by the USAF

520 M 530 V SAT

24 ACT

Top four frequently asked questions about ROTC: 

1) Am I obligated to the service if I join ROTC without a scholarship?


2) Am I obligated to the service if I receive an ROTC scholarship?

Yes and No. 

The NO part: You are not obligated until the first semester of your sophomore year if you have a 4 year scholarship. This is commonly referred to as the freshman trial period.
For two and three year scholarship winners, your obligation will occur upon completion of your services respective summer training. College Program students have an obligation that normally begins after their junior year.

3) Can ROTC students be called to war while in college?

Are you kidding? No. A bunch of untrained college kids in charge of a unit is not the goal of the Armed Forces. Only trained personnel are sent to combat. You can think of ROTC and your college education as a prolonged training period.

4) What happens if I flunk out?

Depending upon when you flunk out and your branch will determine your obligation to the government. If you flunk out before your freshman trial period, then you owe the government nothing. If you flunk out after your obligation period, then it is up to your branch to decide your fate. There are only three outcomes: 

* You enlist in the service
* You pay back the money
* You get a second chance